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About us

FYES is a leader in building automation, with 20 years history in research and development activity. It manufactures innovative, high technology products, with considerable competitive advantages. The company’s products and software are designed with strict technical and quality standards. The customized solutions that are offered can meet every customer's needs. Our mission is to develop automation technology for any business sector, offering a more efficient, comfortable, safe and economic operation to every workplace or living space.

About technology

The FYES system is the most complete and technologically advanced solution in today's electrical and mechanical installation of living spaces. It is designed in order to meet the needs of small and big residences, buildings, offices, shops, hotels, public areas, production areas and other installations. FYES unifies the control of conventional, electromechanical installations, security systems, communication and IT systems and provides convenience, economy and protection.

Creating value together

We work closely with our global partners to understand individual needs and develop tailored projects to specific demands.
FYES’ specialized partners are responsible for the sale, supply, installation and maintenance of our systems.
Working together, we aim to create value & develop long-lasting relationships.

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