DIN Rail Controller


DIN Rail Mounting, 8 Relays 20Α/440VAC, 12 Analog or Digital Inputs, 6 PWM or 0-10V Outputs
2 Ports RS-232., IR Input and Output, CAN 2.0b Port


Supply Voltage 12 – 20 Vdc Consumption 300mW max
Relays Life Expectancy 30000 operation cycles at 2.5KW (incadenscent lamps) Mechanical Life Expectancy 1000000 operation cycles
Relay Current Capability 20Α max Relay Operating Voltage 440 Vac max
RS232 Ports 38400 and 9600 baud Inputs Digital or Analog 5Vdc max, 10bit ADC
Electric Lock output 12VDC, 2A max Outputs PWM / 0-10Vdc 4 KHz, 5Vdc / 0-10Vdc with DO-6 module
IR Output 1Α 20Vdc max (current sink) Operating Temperature -20°C – 60°C
Dimensions 9 DIN modules, 156mm Χ 86mm Χ 58mm (W x H x D)