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50% energy saving

Applies highly intelligent control on all energy consuming appliances (heating, cooling, lighting etc.) by optimal methods, providing energy savings up to 50% and reduction in CO2 emissions.


  • The external lighting does not turn ON during daylight, even if we press the lights-on button. At sun rise all external lights turn OFF automatically. When human absence is detected, the operations of lighting, ventilation and air conditions stop.
  • Heating &Cooling: In case of prolonged absence heating is stopped, while in case of a lengthy absence, the system simply lowers room temperature When the absence is short, heating remains on - when the house is put on “sleep mode” FYES will lowers temperature or stops heating in rooms not used. FYES acts similarly for cooling systems.
  • FYES also turns ON the irrigation system for as long as is necessary - and only at times when soil moisture is not satisfactory. It turns OFF the water supply in case of leakage, whereas it deactivates the energy-intensive appliances when long absence is detected.

Someone to watch over you

FYES incorporates security operations in the most intelligent and flexible ways.


  • The "goodnight” button and FYES take care of everything. FYES will report all open windows and doors, turn OFF lights and electrical appliances, shut rolls, reduce temperature levels in rooms not used and activate the alarm system. FYES monitors motion in every room - in case someone gets up at night, FYES understands that the motion is internal and legit – the alarm is not triggered. Otherwise, should the system detect illegal motion (e.g. at the living room because someone broke the window to enter the house) the alarm is activated and lights are turned ON, we are informed by audio and visual signs in the wall pads – also FYES sends SMS and activates the sirens.
  • In an office building there is a possibility for a user -considering that she is the last person leaving the building - to press the "secure the place" button. If this happens and there are employees present in the building, ordinary alarm systems are activated and cause disruption. FYES however, knows about the presence of personnel and will not proceed with the command. Instead, it will use audio signs and references to the wall pad screens located in the rooms of the remaining staff, in order for them to communicate with each other and avoid inconvenience and miscommunication.
  • When the external cameras located around the building detect motion, FYES turns on TVs in rooms where tenants are present and displays the image from the corresponding camera.

Leave your home with peace of mind

FYES will take care of everything - with advanced technology, FYES continuously monitors environmental conditions and operates as a loyal butler


  • The departure from the house is done by informing FYES (pressing the absence button). This enables all security systems and exceptions are announced to the tenants via SMS/ email. However in the event the tenants leave without informing the system - FYES will "understand" a state of prolonged immobility
  • Then, FYES will announce the event to the wall pads, using audio and visual messages and SMS all registered recipients designated to be informed about the event. FYES will wait 15’ and if SMS instructions are received, it will execute them and confirm by SMS. If there is no response, FYES will proceed to first level actions, interrupting operation for dangerous or energy intensive appliances.
  • After, FYES will send a new SMS to announce measures taken, and wait another 15 minutes before placing the residence in absence mode, by closing blinds, turning off lights and other electrical appliances and arm the alarm system.

Simple & user friendly

At FYES systems most of the functions happen automatically, without requiring any action from the user. The most difficult task to be done is the push of a button.


  • The lights turn ON and OFF automatically depending on our presence in the room - but if we prefer manual operation - the only thing to do is to press the corresponding button.
  • A simple touch is enough to control Lighting Scenes, Heating, Cooling, Electrical Equipment, Audio Video, Alarm and many other devices

Keeps you away from harm

FYES offers maximum technology protection to a place and its owners. It receives information from sensors and reacts automatically to keep accidents from occurring.


  • A smoke appearance in the kitchen will cause the turn off of the electricity or gas supply to the cooker, while audio-visual signs from wall pads and an SMS or email will inform you about the event.
  • In case of natural or liquid gas leakage, their supply will immediately stop and the appropriate notifications will be sent from the system. In addition, the operation of all local wall pads' switches will be banned in order to avoid an explosion caused by the presence of an electrical spark.
  • In case of water leakage, FYES will cause the direct interruption of the supply, to avoid the disastrous flooding, while it will inform about the event using the same ways that have already been mentioned. Please note that the interruption will be only for the interior of the rooms, and the water supply for the automatic watering will continue, in order to protect the plants in gardens and terraces, from our long absence.

Access FYES from everywhere

FYES offers remote sensing- remote control for all its capabilities, through any device that has an Internet browser (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone).


  • You can connect to FYES (inside or outside the room), with the exactly same way as you connect to any website, and obtain total access in all of its features.
  • In a simple & friendly way, you can be informed about all conditions (temperature-humidity of the room, doors- windows openings, tank level, electricity consumption, human presence, activated electrical appliances) and also handle anything you want with a simple "click“.
  • FYES monitors, displays and informs about the status of various conditions such as : tanks' levels, cesspools, humidity-temperature in wine cellars, temperature in ovens, refrigerators, stores etc. So, for example the owner of a store can be informed remotely from a smart phone, whether a fridge with perishable foods exceeds the allowable temperature limits.
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