Hotel management System

Economy and Total Control for Hotel facilities

The technology of FYES system offers a unique solution regarding absolute Total Control for Hotel units.
The Access Control of residents and staff in the hotel rooms and other places, the security and protection systems, the management of heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and supply of hot and cold water are all provided together and unified through the FYES system.
Specific algorithms operate continuously offering economy, comfort, protection and security.
Provides absolute reliability and ensures uninterrupted operation under any condition.
The only visible parts of the system, the card readers and touch crystal panels are designed with care so as to coexist with the distinctive decor of any room.

Smart Energy Saver

Hi tech unique sensors detect real presence of occupants and take care for the automatic operation of the lighting of the rooms and of the internal / external public areas and the control of heating / cooling.
On line temperature indication per room, hi / low temperature alarms, remote setting of temperature for each room.
Automatic control and monitoring of hot water circuits.


“Do Not Disturb” button on the internal card reader of the room deactivates all the entry cards of the staff, notifies the reception and displays the state to the external card reader.
Automatic “welcome” lighting of the room upon the entrance of the resident.
Ability to control room facilities (shades,lighting, temperature, etc) through tablet or smart phone.
Control of dimmable lighting.
Ability to Identify the desired destination from the card of the room and automatic command to the elevator to reach the appropriate floor.

Protection and Safety

Integral, on line, Fire Alarm system.
Bathroom bell (help button), on line, alarm system.
Patio door alarm on the external card reader of the room and the reception.
Integral, on line, intrusion alarm system per room.
Special rooms for disabled persons (special equipment added in to the room).
Automatic detection of power failure in every room with notification to the reception.
Battery backup on each room and LED lighting operation depending on presence of occupants in case of power failure.

Management features

Integrated Total Control of all electromechanical facilities of the building through the computer network (LAN) from anywhere and remotely with internet access.
Card readers compatible with both NFC technology and RFID cards .
RFID technology allow access of clients and staff in rooms and other areas (main entrance, parking, VIP etc) according to specific time limits. They also provide access to prepaid services such as room air condition, pay TV, spa etc.
Easy and immediate cancellation of lost cards.
High security RFID protocols prevent any access on the hotel facilities except the valid cards..
Easy to prepare cards waiting for group arrivals.
Indication of state of the room ( Occupied - Vacant - Do not Disturb – Ready to Use– Opened balcony door— Opened entrance door) on reception computer and the external card reader of the room.
Full database installation with reservation details.
Full database installation with room details ( number of beds, mini bar, TV, AC, sea view, clean, dirty, out of order, service, notepad etc).
Remote lighting, HVAC and door control from the reception.
Visual and audio display on the reception of any kind of alarm such as fire, bathroom help button, intrusion in a room etc.
On line history of room access and statistics regarding energy consumption, temperature etc.

Reliable, Cost effective installation, versatility of modification and upgrades

Only a single cable is required for the installation.
Easy expandability to meet any future changes.
Highest reliability due to its simple structure and the use of specific communication protocol (CAN) the same that is used in cars and airplanes.
Easy upgrades and modifications of the software through LAN or internet.
Versatility in implementing specific requirements (customization) .

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