FYES systems, convert every residence into an intelligent unit, which manages automatically all the subsystems of the place (heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, electric blinds, awnings, curtains, sunshades, electrical sockets, electric appliances, power generators, security, protection, entertainment appliances). A home that includes FYES system does not only offer a simple automation and remote management of its operations but it also ''Thinks'', ''Decides'' and ''Acts'', ensuring the maximum protection, comfort and economy. Imagine of a home that takes care of you and creates the ideal conditions for you to enjoy. A friendly, high tech home which cares about your safety and comfort.



FYES systems offer excellent solutions for holistic control of every hotel unit, in order to provide economy, control, security and high quality services. They control and manage automatically all the hotel's subsystems and operations (safety, cooling, heating, ventilation, lighting, warm-cold water etc.) They also provide advanced capabilities of occupants' and staff's access control in rooms and other areas, with clever cards of RFID technology. FYES systems' high intelligence allows them to process data they receive from sensors, and react appropriately, without human intervention, preventing from dangerous situations and saving energy. The technology of FYES provides ultimate reliability and guarantees the uninterrupted operation under any circumstances.


FYES systems are one of the most innovative and reliable solutions of holistic control and automatism of professional and public places. They connect and control all the subsystems of an area. They perform automatically unique commands or complete scenarios for the operation of the electric appliances, machines, lighting/heating systems, air-conditioning, ventilation, security, monitoring, audio, video, communication and information technology. They are fully adjustable and they can be programmed based on each company's specific needs, in order to offer security, economy, local or remote total control and easy management of everyday tasks.

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